North Pointe Ranch: North Salt Lake
On July 21st, 2020, the Salt Lake County Council reconsidered their initial vote, and allowed North Salt Lake City to incorporate 350 acres of Salt Lake County into the Davis County city.

North Salt Lake City plans to develop 125 acres into a residential planned community (994 housing units + charter school) called, "Misty Rivers", and 220 acres into a mixed use planned community (housing, farming, recreation) called, "Cross E Ranch".

While North Salt Lake City will approve the developments and provide municipal services, the area will continue to be part of Salt Lake County and the Granite School District. In addition, Salt Lake City will have the primary responsibility for the major road into the area (2200 West). In fact, this complex arrangement will directly impact 10 government agencies i.e. 2 cities; 2 counties, 3 school districts; and at least 2 State agencies.

This unusual annexation enables residential development that avoids land use restrictions designed to protect this unique area which houses migratory bird habitats, family farms, the Salt Lake International Airport, and the Utah Inland Port Authority. Salt Lake residents are particularly concerned about the negative health and safety impacts that will result from the tremendous increase in traffic when 2200 West has to accommodate the commuter traffic generated by the housing developments and charter school, as well as the commercial/truck traffic generated by the numerous warehouses coming into the area.

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