About the Westpointe Community Council Board
To find out when our next board meeting will be held, please visit our Calendar page. The Westpointe Community Council Board typically meets the second Thursday of each month (excluding August and December).
Meet the Board
Dorothy P. Owen
Erin Youngberg
Past Chair
Chris Bosley
Vice Chair
Chris Souther
Vice Chair
John Merrick
Darlene Phelps
Allison Musser
Media Director
Karla Busenbeck
Board Member
Marjie Carpenter
Board Member
Dan Thompson
Board Member
Agendas & Minutes
Coming Soon!
January 2020: Agenda | Minutes
February 2020: Agenda | Minutes
March 2020: No Board Meeting due to COVID-19 restrictions
April 2020: No Board Meeting due to COVOID-19 restrictions
May 2020: Agenda | May Monthly Report
June 2020: Agenda | June Monthly Report
July 2020: Agenda | July Monthly Report
August 2020: Agenda | August Monthly Report
September 2020: Agenda | Minutes | September Monthly Report
October 2020: Agenda | Minutes | October Monthly Report
November 2020: Agenda | Minutes | November Monthly Report
December 2020: No Board Meeting
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