Crossing County Lines Webinar

On September 30, 2020, the Westpointe Community Council partnered with North Salt Lake City and the Salt Lake City Public Library to host a community webinar on the proposed annexation and development of North Pointe into the City of North Salt Lake.

Residents, local businesses, and interested parties were invited to attend, listen, ask questions and get involved in a civic dialogue designed to explain the latest annexation proposal, the decision-making process, and the issues that remain to be addressed.

This complex proposal impacts at least 10 government entities. The webinar included presentations from the developers and the City of North Salt Lake as well as panel discussions with a wide variety of perspectives on the issues. A series of Q&A sessions were held to respond to questions and comments submitted online by attendees. You can find the webinar, more information about the annexation process here:

Zoning & Land Use
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